Expedition Dates 2020

Gold Training January 25th-26th  Detling

Silver Training 29th February- 1st March (TBA)

Silver Day Walk 15th March (TBA)

Bronze March 21st- 22nd Bexon

Gold Practice 4th -9th April Peak District

Silver Practice April 17th-19th Dover

Gold Training April 25th-26th (TBA)

Silver Assessed May 8th-10th Ashdown

Bronze May 15th-17th Bexon

Bronze May 29th-31st Bexon

Bronze June 12th-14th Bexon

Silver Training June 20th-21st  (TBA)

Bronze June 26th-28th Bexon

Silver Day Walk 5th July (TBA)

Bronze July 10th-12th Bexon

Gold Practice 19th -24th July Peak District

Gold Assessed 23rd -28th August Dartmoor

Silver Practice August 29th-31st Dover

Bronze September 25th-27th Bexon

Bronze October 9th-11th Bexon

Silver Assessed October 24th-26th Ashdown

Expedition dates 2019

Bronze March 23rd-24th

Silver April 6th-8th

Bronze April 26th-28th

Silver May 4th-6th

Bronze May 17th-19th

Bronze June 7th-9th

Bronze June 21st-23rd

Bronze July 12th-14th

Gold July 21st-26th

Gold August 18th-23rd

Silver August 24th-26th

Bronze September 6th-8th

Bronze September 20th-22nd

Bronze October 4th-6th

Silver October 18th-21st

Welcome to the new Medway Open Award Centre web site

Medway Open Award Centre is operating from the same place as the old one…..

Summit House at the Strand in Gillingham, the Medway Council team have moved on, and the award centre is being operated by volunteers, which include some familiar faces…….

Rob Wood has got together with a bunch of volunteers to operate Medway Open Award Centre (MOAC) for your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) Gold and Silver expedition training and expeditions.

In addition to this the new team will still be managing, in partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s  Award South East Regional office, and the Medway Panel the kit hire by individuals for their Bronze expeditions organised by the schools.